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Photo Gallery


Xmas 2007 - Lower Hunter

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Lower Hunter Division members, with one Coffs Harbour member.   Lower Hunter Division Cadets.
National Deputy Director, Garth, addresses members.    
Garth shows members the EOC.    
Dedicated EOC computer.   EOC Radio setup.
View of the desk in front of the radios with information ready at hand.   See, we DO train our Monitors to behave!!
Members put the EOC to the test in a simulated disaster.    
The EOC team - L to R:
Chris (Coffs Harbour), Dave (LH), Martin (National Director), Mel (LH).
  NDD gives our National Secretary her 10 year service award.
National Director presents award to Coffs Harbour member.   National Director presents award to Lower Hunter member.
    Appointing one of the Lower Hunter members as a Chaplain.
National Deputy Director presents a CB to a new Lower Hunter member to help him get on air.   National Director in high demand!

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