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Photo Gallery


Hunter Valley Gardens - Birthday and VIP Day

10th October 2009

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The entrance to the Gardens at the start of the VIP Day   John shows off the new ACREM safety vests!
National Deputy Director Warren mans his traffic control point.   Warren directs a car entering for the VIP day.
"Is that all your rubbish John?"   National Director Martin directs the Governor General's motorcade into the reserved parking.
The Governor General's car (front) followed by Australian Federal Police security vehicles, drive past our National Director into the reserved parking area.   Her Excellency the Governor General (in maroon) accompanied by Hunter Valley Gardens owners Mr & Mrs Roche, and AFP security detail.
Our National Deputy Director liaises with Australian Federal Police regarding the Governor General's visit and departure.   National Cadet Officer Chris couldn't resist a photo opportunity with the Governor General's car.

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