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Membership of ACREM


Like every other volunteer organisation, ACREM relies very heavily on volunteers to continue and expand its services. ACREM has the following categories of membership available. Concession membership is available to anyone that receives a pension or similar payment, the unemployed, and full time students. Any member that is unable to pay the fee in full can request for payment options which will allow them to pay by installments, or simply defer payment for a short time. If you need this option simply let us know after you have lodged your application and it has been accepted.


Monitors form the operational section of our organisation. They are trained in aspects of radiocommunications procedure and emergency monitoring techniques, working with the public, OH&S, and other subjects including CPR. Monitors must have their own CB equipment (minimum UHF CB) set up as a base station, although if you are in the process of obtaining this equipment you can join before you have it set up. Monitors must be at least 16 years of age*, and a minimum of 18 years of age to progress past the rank of Trainee Monitor. Recognition of prior learning or experience is available. Monitors are also expected to participate in Field Operations such as safety communications for sporting events or support services for other groups, car parking or traffic control for events, unless the Monitor is unable to perform these duties for some reason (e.g. physical disability, etc).

Full: $12 per year.**
Concession: $6 per year.**
Joining Fee: $5 one off fee.
Family: Spouse or immediate family of existing members: 50% discount off relevant fee + no joining fee.


Associate Membership is a non-operational form of membership for those that would like to help support ACREM but that may not be in a position to play any active role. Associate Members may help out at publicity events or at field operations in a non-operational capacity (e.g. refreshments, etc), and they may serve on any committee in any position except a Coordinator. Minimum age is 16 years*.

Full: $6 per year.**
Concession: $3 per year.**
Joining Fee: No joining fee.
Family: Spouse or immediate family of existing members: $4 (full) or $2 (concession).

Age Restrictions

Due to insurance restrictions members aged 85 or over are not permitted to undertake Field Operations regardless of their membership grade. This is outside of the control of ACREM. Over 85’s are still welcome to join ACREM in any membership category, they are just unable to take an active role in field activities.

**Annual Fee Credits

Members that attend four events or field activities in a 12 month period will receive a full credit on their next membership renewal. This means that if you assist at four events, or if you provide some other service above normal membership (e.g. undertake four PR campaigns), then your next renewal will be FREE!

Defcom Protectors

 Members receive the Defcom Protectors discount card which offers various discount offers from a number of retailers across Australia. Defcom Protectors is the name given to the Discount Loyalty Card that offers free membership to current serving ADF personnel (regular and active reserve) plus the staff and volunteers of selected Protectors organisations.

Apply Online

If you would like to join ACREM then why not lodge your application online! Click Here to go to the ACREM Online Application.

Chaplaincy Service

In the interests of member welfare ACREM has instigated a Chaplaincy Service programme. Following major incidents or during periods of personal crisis members often find it beneficial to talk with a member of the Clergy, or a religious leader from their chosen faith. ACREM seeks to endorse and appoint suitably qualified religious leaders from various religions to the positions of Chaplain in order to offer members, and their families, access to these services at any time.

ACREM is a non-religious organisation and so we seek to appoint as Chaplains persons from any and all religions, where possible. Some multi-faith Chaplains will be appointed to help serve those members that may follow a religion not presently represented by an endorsed Chaplain. Generally persons endorsed as Chaplains will be Ministers ordained by a religious organisation, or a religious leader appointed or endorsed by a religious group or body, however as not all religions have the same requirements for their leaders each applicant will be assessed individually.

If you would like more information about the Chaplaincy Service then please Contact Us. If you are a religious leader of any religion or faith, and you would like to volunteer to act as a Chaplain, you can download a copy of our Application for Endorsement as a Chaplain.

Occupational Health & Safety

ACREM is serious about ensuring the safety of its members and the public. In keeping with our Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Guidelines ACREM has a fully qualified OH&S Advisor appointed to the National Executive. This advisor provides advice to the National Executive as well as all Regions and Divisions on matters regarding OH&S and other safety matters.

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